Why are aluminum honeycomb ceilings so popular these days?

Honeycomb panel by function: buffer honeycomb panel and packaging honeycomb panel. Because of its special structure, can improve the compressive strength, paper honeycomb panel can reduce the cost. Honeycomb panel aperture is generally divided into 8mm, 16mm, 32mm size.

There are more people do not know the difference between aluminum gusset plate and honeycomb plate. Still have is to use honeycomb board in what circumstance, what circumstance uses aluminium gusset plate. Aluminous gusset plate big board is successor appear actually, also call imitate honeycomb big board. In my impression, it was the first time to appear in the exhibition in 2018. There were more samples from AIA and a few from the exhibition in 2019. 20 years exhibition is honeycomb board and aluminum gusset board almost completely big board, small board did not show the opportunity.

The contrast between the two is striking.

First, look at the size of the area, the top wall area is recommended to use honeycomb plate, the area of small aluminum gusset plate can also be used. However, it is recommended that all the conditions be changed into honeycomb board, which is really very beautiful.

2. Cost; Aluminum gusset plate and honeycomb plate finished veneer, unit price difference about one times. This also is the reason why can be born aluminous gusset plate big board, because honeycomb board is some expensive really.

Three, beautiful; Honeycomb panel advantage is large, arbitrary cutting, arbitrary assembly. Can design a variety of modelling, this is about to see your master craft. Aluminium gusset plate is more inflexible. Can only onefold modelling, do not have honeycomb board whole beautiful.

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