What should we pay attention to when we customize furniture?

Furniture engineering customization: What should we pay attention to when we customize furniture
  With the continuous improvement of people’s living standards and the acceleration of the urbanization process, the housing decoration of young people is no longer only to meet the basic living needs, but also to consider the beauty, comfort and other attributes. In the home renovation process, more and more people are choosing custom furniture!
  Furniture engineering customization: What should we pay attention to when we customize furniture
  In modern interior decoration, the cost of customization of furniture engineering accounts for about one-third of the total decoration cost. Customization of furniture can not only make furniture more beautiful, but also make full use of space, so that the location of some corners, Windows, balconies and so on can be used. Therefore, customization of furniture is an important part of decoration.
  What should I pay attention to when buying custom furniture? Let me summarize the board 10 brands three good baby board. Custom furniture is one of the few points that is environmentally friendly and practical!
  1. Select file cabinet drawings
  Plate is an important material for custom furniture. So know what type of board this brand product uses. General custom-made furniture general solid wood is best, but solid wood is more expensive. Usually most people choose plank furniture at home. The plate of custom furniture generally has multilayer solid wood, solid wood grain board, density board, five loose board and so on. For the domestic version, it is best to use multi-layer solid wood, but if you have the budget, you should determine the environmental grade of whatever you choose and explain to the business. In addition, ask the thickness of the plate clearly. For example, how much is board thickness, how much is side board thickness, had better all boards are 18 mm commonly.
  2. Hardware accessories
  In addition to custom furniture panels, hardware is also very important. Especially hinges! Cupboard doors are basically open several times a day, so hinges are especially important! The quality of the hinge does not close may not take a long time, the hinge may be broken or fall off, has a great impact on the daily use of the cabinet. Accordingly, the hardware fittings that also should ask to use when bespoke furniture is what brand, it is what material and craft. How long is the warranty for the hardware? Generally, the hardware is guaranteed for 5-10 years.
  3. Cabinet edges
  Custom furniture seals are also important. Seals use adhesives. Ask the merchant what kind of adhesive he uses. In addition, from the details of edge sealing, there is no glue, if the edge sealing is not good, formaldehyde is easy to exceed the standard. (formaldehyde, formaldehyde, formaldehyde, formaldehyde, formaldehyde).
  4. Cabinet design
  All kinds of cabinet customization should also pay attention to the design. The design should set out according to the door model of his home, integral interior design and actual demand. For example, like reading, can not leave the bookcase. If you need more storage space in your home, you should build more cabinets. For example, if you want to use Windows more rationally, you can customize the tatami bed. In this way! And should be combined with actual decoration style. This design is not only beautiful, but also more practical!
  5. Installation site
  Personalized furniture had better be supervised by the family spot in the installation process. Avoid unusual situations, such as a master scraping off floors or tiles in a house. All parts shall be inspected and accepted on site after installation. Like is there a crooked door panel? Is there a snapshot of the runway? Is the hinge working properly? And so on. Otherwise, if the problem is found after the signature, it is necessary to solve it through the more troublesome after-sales channel. Ventilation is required after installation
  After the installation and acceptance of custom furniture, one of the important stages is not to save. It’s just airy! Don’t install on impulse. Especially in the family with children or the elderly, this stage is more serious can not save. Children and the elderly have relatively low immunity, so indoor inhalation of harmful gases and substances can cause many diseases. Recommended after a summer of high temperature volatilization, ventilation 3-6 months later. Additional, do not believe the product that manages air too much on market. Major incurable, important is ventilated much, indoor send out the harmful gas that volatilizes and material. High temperatures accelerate the evaporation of these harmful gases and substances.

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