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  A good piece of medical furniture must be firm, strong and unshakable. Hospitals are frequented by people in poor health. They use furniture that emphasizes safety more than healthy people do. Patients are not as sensitive as healthy people. If a chair breaks, healthy people can react quickly to avoid falling, but patients often cannot, which may cause safety problems.
  From the point of view of hospital, five points should be paid attention to in designing safe medical furniture.
  (1) Stability: should be designed at the bottom of the broad, smooth stick to the ground, not left shake right products.
  (2) Strong: thin furniture will be deformed by gravity. The binding part is easy to shift, resulting in swing during use. Thin laminate is easy to bend down when used, resulting in poor opening and closing. Thin furniture is more likely to cause wooden stalls to break and cause serious accidents.
  (3) Danger trap: avoid sharp corners and sharp edges or gaps that are enough to cause injuries, such as beds and staircases, where children’s bodies can pass through and their heads cannot pass through.
  (4) structure: there should be no cracks in each part of the furniture, the combination part should be close, there should be no head screws, nails should not be used in the combination part, but the slot structure.
  (5) Assembly: each part including accessories should be properly installed and embedded, screw tight, switch and lock should be easy to use.
  At the same time, because of the large number of people in hospital, it is not suitable to change furniture frequently, and the hospital is a relatively humid place. In order to prevent cross-infection, the hospital will often carry out disinfection, cleaning, storage of highly corrosive items, so the durability of furniture becomes very important.
  In addition, it must have the characteristics of laboratory furniture, acid and alkali resistance, corrosion resistance, moisture resistance, etc. Medical storage cabinets and medical device cabinets must be moisture-proof, anti-cross infection and have strong wear resistance. The handles of medical medicine cabinets must be rust-proof and disinfected.
  Medical treatment birdbath needs to prevent acid alkalinity is strong, have better heat resistance, stain resistance, corrosion resistance and wear resistance to wait. Some medical furniture has high requirements on temperature and humidity. There are also some medicine cabinets, which need to hold some special controlled drugs or special drugs. Some of them may be injections, which need to be used at a certain temperature or humidity.

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