What is the honeycomb aluminum plate made of? What’s the price?

  There are many kinds of aluminum plate in the field of building decoration, and honeycomb aluminum plate is one of them. So, what is honeycomb aluminum made of? What’s the price? Today I will introduce it to you.
  What is the honeycomb aluminum plate made of? Honeycomb aluminum plate is made of two thin panels, firmly bonded on both sides of a layer of thicker honeycomb core material, also known as honeycomb sandwich structure. Honeycomb aluminum plate sound-absorbing heat insulation, high flatness, and aluminum veneer, the design area is relatively large (maximum 1.5*4.5 meters). The commonly used thickness is 8mm, 10mm, 2mm, 5mm, the surface treatment process has fluorocarbon spraying, pre-roll coating and color resistant light treatment. The honeycomb aluminum plate can be used as the hanging plate of the building curtain wall and external wall. The honeycomb aluminum wall plate system is made of the composite honeycomb plate developed by the aviation industry, which is a relatively advanced technology with relatively light weight, smooth surface and uniform joint width. Honeycomb aluminum can be used as the ceiling of the ceiling, it is light weight, good toughness, high strength, sound insulation and heat insulation performance.
  What are the characteristics of honeycomb aluminum plate material? 1. Honeycomb aluminum plate has very light weight, less material, low cost, and stable performance of honeycomb sandwich structure and finished product. 2, honeycomb aluminum plate has stable structural performance, is not easy to deformation, compressive strength is strong, bending strength is also very strong, smooth surface is not easy to deformation. 3. The interior of the honeycomb aluminum plate structure is a relatively closed chamber, full of air, with very good sound absorption, heat insulation, heat preservation performance. 4. Honeycomb aluminum plate is made of recycled aluminum, which can be recycled after use, so it has the characteristics of no pollution and environmental protection.

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