Aluminum veneer manufacturers: take you to understand the curtain wall aluminum veneer

  Today xiaobian will take you to understand the characteristics, installation methods and steps of the curtain wall aluminum plate, hoping to bring a little help.
  Curtain wall aluminum veneer is aluminum alloy panel as the base material, coupled with advanced NUMERICAL control processing technology, plate after processing to keep smooth, will not produce deformation and other phenomena, the surface of aluminum plate using fluorocarbon paint spraying, can resist ultraviolet radiation, oxidation resistance, good corrosion resistance, to ensure the uniformity of color and luster.
  With the rapid development of China’s economy, curtain wall aluminum veneer has been more and more widely used in public buildings, office buildings, commercial and residential complexes, rail transit and landmark buildings in large and medium-sized cities. Jinsheng aluminum also with the market demand gradually research and development and production of aluminum veneer, honeycomb aluminum, corrugated aluminum, antibacterial aluminum veneer, curtain wall aluminum veneer and other full series of internal and external aluminum veneer product line.
  Curtain wall aluminum veneer is mainly composed of panels, stiffeners, hanging ears and so on. Generally, there are 20mm wide edges around the panel, which are connected with the bone dragon through hanging ears. The mounting ear is connected with the panel by pulling the core rivets, and the stiffener is connected with the panel by bolts to form a whole. The stiffener is used to increase the rigidity of the aluminum veneer and ensure the wind pressure resistance and smoothness of the aluminum veneer.
  The characteristics of curtain wall aluminum veneer: lightweight, good rigidity, high strength; Not easy to burn, fire prevention performance is better than others; Good weather resistance, uv resistance, acid resistance, alkali resistance; Can be processed into plane, arc surface and spherical surface; Not easy to stain, easy to clean and maintain; Wide color selection, good decorative effect; Easy to recycle, pollution-free, conducive to environmental protection.
  The scope of application of curtain wall aluminum veneer: building facade curtain wall, column beam, balcony, window, canopy, partition, interior decoration, advertising signs, vehicles, furniture, booth and so on.

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