What factors should be considered when designing a nurse station

  With the acceleration of the rhythm of the day, many people are under strong pressure in the day, together with the irregular diet, so the formation of a brief attack of many diseases, and many people are out of sub-health, looks good, but in fact, the body buried a lot of risks.
  Therefore, if we go to the hospital, we will see that there are a lot of people in the hospital every day. As the front-line staff who entertain and take care of patients, whether they are professional or not will directly affect the mood of patients. When we go to find nursing together, we often need to go to the nursing station console to find the corresponding nursing, so the nursing station console has certain criteria in the process of planning.
  Nursing station planning is mainly for the consideration of patients, on the one hand, from the psychological response to relieve the pain of patients, the two can make patients active to deal with the negative impact of the disease. There are three guidelines to follow:
  1. Reasonable nursing radius and reasonable coordination of wards.
  2, well-informed vision, convenient to query the nursing unit in each ward activities.
  3, excellent ventilation and lighting.
  Here, the placement of medical equipment and articles should be fully considered, but also the relative beauty of this area. Position nursing stations for equipment; It expands the storage space of nursing stations, reduces the area of occupation, and increases the working area of nursing stations.
  It can be seen that in the process of planning, the nursing station operating table is not only considered from practicality, but also concerns about the condition of patients, and the nature of the operation should be taken into account, so as to summarize the planning of the nursing station operating table. As a hospital, nursing station operating station equipment and equipment, is also necessary, so in the purchase, must also take into account these elements and problems.

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