Medical Treatment Cabinets

  Medical treatment tank material, there are many common materials include wood, steel and artificial stone, wooden call cheap but easy to deformation and corrosion, not durable, steel quality is good, of course the price also is higher, then today hospital custom furniture manufacturer to give you a brief introduction the advantages of steel under medical treatment tank, and see it together.
  1. As is known to all, steel medical treatment cabinets have the advantages of moisture-proof, waterproof, fireproof and corrosion resistance. Steel hospital furniture is a very big development trend in the future, and the cabinet of steel treatment cabinets has a long life and affordable price.
  2, dispensing area is equipped with LED lights, so that the nursing staff in dispensing more handy; The electronic induction double lock cabinet specially designed for narcotic drugs meets the requirements of multi-person storage of special drugs; Custom refrigerator cabinets and cart cabinets make the space more tidy.
  3. The simple and atmospheric linear design of the steel medical treatment cabinet ensures that the furniture will not be outdated even if it is used for a long time, and the furniture will not produce harmful gases that are not conducive to human health in the process of use, so that the staff can be more safe and environmentally friendly when using the furniture.
  4, steel medical treatment cabinet has a long life cycle, furniture style will not be out of date, can provide clean working space for medical staff, improve the work efficiency of medical staff. Compared with traditional hospital furniture, steel furniture has better environmental protection, odorless, non-toxic, smooth surface and other advantages.

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