Hospital Treatment Cabinet | Hospital Furniture

  In the hospital treatment cabinet cleaning and maintenance, we must first determine whether the cloth used is clean. When cleaning the dust on the surface of the hospital furniture, it must be turned over or used with a clean cloth. Do not use the dirty side repeatedly for laziness, which will only cause pollutants to rub on the surface of the treatment cabinet repeatedly, but will damage the brightness of the furniture surface.
  Maintain brightness
  In order to maintain the original brightness of furniture such as hospital treatment cabinets, there are two kinds of furniture maintenance products: furniture care spray wax and cleaning and maintenance agent. Before the use of nursing spray wax and cleaning maintenance agent, it is best to shake it well, and then hold the spray can, and then spray it gently against the dry cloth in the middle of the interval of about 15 centimeters, so that to wipe the furniture, it can play a very good cleaning and maintenance effect.
  After cleaning the medical treatment cabinet with a cloth, remember to wash the cloth and dry it to facilitate next use.
  In our daily life, hospital staff should often carry out some simple cleaning and maintenance of hospital furniture, so as to ensure the long-term use of furniture.

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