What aspects were considered when designing hospital furniture?

1、Hospital furniture design and soft decoration need to start from users’ feelings, meet users’ needs as far as possible, and make the medical space environment more artistic, humanized and personalized, so as to improve the quality of space environment and patients’ medical experience.

2、in hospital furniture design, you can set up some appropriate decorations, living close to the people to close the distance with the patient, change their traditional impression of the hospital, can highlight the personalized, fashionable change characteristics, to beautify the space environment, reflect the unique connotation, make whole space more active, harmonious and comfortable, warm in order to satisfy the demands of the use of different populations and psychological needs.

3、in hospital furniture design, attention should be paid to the integration of culture, can according to the different nature of the hospital, different bias and culture connotation and make a comprehensive consideration, such as a large comprehensive hospital design main outstanding integrity culture characteristics, present hospital culture connotation, and promote the hospital each specialized subject content display, and specialized subject hospital design services and specialized information in hospital The main content, in the form of dot cover tangible cultural display.

4、In the design of hospital furniture, attention should also be paid to the addition of lamps, furniture and green plants. Lamps can not only illuminate, but also play a decorative role. The selection and design of furniture should meet the aesthetic needs and use needs of modern people, choose green materials, extend its service life under the premise of ensuring the overall style, and realize the control of operating costs; Green plants can add some vitality to the space, play a role in purifying the air, but also visually bring pleasure to patients.

5、in the hospital laboratory furniture design, according to the use of the material can be divided into the all-steel furniture, steel-wood furniture, wood furniture all three categories, all-steel furniture is beautiful but the price is a little bit higher, gangmu furniture body is moderate, the wooden furniture because of its disadvantages in bearing, waterproof has few people to choose, choose suitable furniture should be combined with the hospital budget. The material of the experimental table is mainly composed of solid physical and chemical board, epoxy resin board and Thousand board. Due to the few high-temperature equipment used in the laboratory of the laboratory, it is recommended to use solid physical and chemical board table and thousand board table. Before making the experimental table, the length and style should be determined based on the actual situation and work needs of the site. Too much furniture will occupy the working space, and insufficient furniture will affect the work.

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