Development Process of Aluminum Honeycomb Wall Panel

Development process of aluminum honeycomb wall panel

With the development of aluminum alloy hidden frame curtain wall, aluminum veneer curtain wall is also a sudden rise, with the use of aluminum alloy glass curtain wall, today, no matter in metropolises or small towns will see a different form, colorful aluminum curtain wall project. Make China’s high-rise buildings more brilliant and gorgeous, the formation of a variety of colors, a variety of materials group synthesis of beautiful curtain wall pattern

Derived from the aviation industry of composite honeycomb panel technology, is a typical way of sandwich structure, composed of panel, bottom and middle aluminum honeycomb, super thick _ CNC bending _, aluminum honeycomb panel curtain wall picture manufacturing technology with aluminum veneer decoration can make people more comfortable and at ease this is customer feedback over the years, this is certainly of aluminum veneer. In the market, there are countless decorative materials, and the aluminum veneer can stand out in which its ability is very good.

Aluminum honeycomb panel mainly uses 3003 series aluminum alloy as the bottom panel, the thickness is 0.8-1.5mm, the thickness of the honeycomb core can do 50mm, the load-bearing ratio of its own weight is 9/1, the use of spraying paint, for acid rain and weathering is completely no problem, the honeycomb core is hexagonal, the thickness is between 0.04-0.06mm, the length can reach 5-6m, Honeycomb panel is like a whole, a point of the force is dispersed to the whole plate, there is a unloading effect, which is also the display of the flatness of the plate.

Is also precisely because of these different production technology, under the production of aluminum bees darting board, aluminum veneer stone mountain – imitation wood grain aluminum socket board – Dali can better play to the characteristics of the nest to be used by people better, play an important role for the beauty of the city construction, aluminum veneer, aluminum alloy sheet is used for the base material, after CNC bending technologies such as molding, A new curtain wall material with decorative coating on its surface.

Aluminum may obtain customers pay attention to the nest plate manufacturers vigorously propaganda but trust is not enough, only their own product strength is strong enough to get customer trust, aluminum veneer development for many years in the market has maintained a good reputation that is also very not easy, is relying on its own strength to get customer trust and satisfaction. In daily life, aluminum veneer products can be seen everywhere, has been integrated into our lives, bring us a better life, greatly improve the quality of life, make people more assured, more at ease, modeling honeycomb aluminum veneer curtain wall panel can be subdivided into: single layer plate, aluminum composite plate, aluminum honeycomb plate three typical products.

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