What are the working characteristics of the nurse station guide table?

  The main work of the medical guide desk of the nurse station is consultation, accompanying, sending, communication and coordination, assisting in rescuing critically ill patients, providing boiling water, issuing disposable cups, conducting examinations for patients with mobility difficulties and inpatients, providing free wheelchairs, flat carts, distributing various newspapers, health education propaganda materials and department profiles; The table is also equipped with needle, thread, scissors and other services, which seem very small, but if done well, it can provide great convenience for patients, thus increasing the goodwill and trust of the hospital, but if not done well, it will affect patients’ evaluation of the hospital and damage the overall service image of the hospital. When working for a long time, some people will be very contemptuous of the guidance work, think that the nurse station guide desk work not only has no technical content, but also will not make economic benefits, especially not good, so if there is no dedication and sense of responsibility, the guidance staff will be easy to be killed in the ordinary things day after day.
  First, set up a new concept, improve the professional responsibility of the guide staff
  1. To serve patients well, we need to be very clear about the hospital environment and related matters. The guidance staff is a “green card” for patients. Patients to consult, we are consultants; Patients have difficulty in moving, we are the attendant; Patients are not satisfied with the service of any department, we are the coordinator, our main goal is to meet the various needs of patients. Open the hearts of patients with sincere pay and sincere service, win the trust of patients.
  2, to serve patients well, then we have to do the “walking dictionary” of the hospital patients can not ask. As the first stop of hospital service, every day need to contact with people of all ages, different personality, we need to how to make these requirements to the same person hope, needs, and this is the leading examining test of staff knowledge and communication ability, so we should not only fully understanding the environmental characteristics of hospital technology and equipment strength, Also familiar with the department’s specialty, diagnosis and treatment scope, characteristics and expert characteristics. We even need to understand the medical characteristics of other hospitals. In a short period of time, we can meet the needs of patients through our own appropriate conversation and knowledge, and finally win the trust and recognition of patients.
  Second, through various training, improve the overall quality of the guide staff.
  Improve service quality mainly lies in the quality of service personnel, this is not for a while can solve, especially for our new recruitment leading examining member, because do not know anything about the hospital, then you need to familiar with environment and master certain theoretical knowledge and professional skills, by formulating relevant responsibilities, system, behavior standard and professional training, etiquette training, etc., To improve the quality of the medical staff, so that the medical staff with a high degree of professional dedication. The work of nurse station guide desk is as important as other nursing work. It is a window to show hospital services. Only from this perspective can we take the initiative to help patients come to see a doctor.
  Third, the implementation of new standards, improve the quality and efficiency of the work of the staff.
  For there is no clear goal leading examining work and service quality, so it is difficult to use to examine the data, and also it is difficult to quantify, so till now, no this aspect of specialized agencies and a training courses, and leading examining training is training and medical care knowledge has a certain difference, so in order to improve the work quality and efficiency of the staff, Professional teachers are required to make plans for guiding the responsibility, system, working process, training plan, assessment standard and other aspects of the guiding nurse.
  Iv. Scientific management of the outpatient area to create an orderly medical environment
  Eager outpatients often lead to crowding and bickering, which can lead to disorder if not handled properly. So leading examining personnel need to patients as their friends and relatives, and then understand and considerate of disease to the patient’s pain and the worry, timely grasp the mood and various needs of patients, patiently answer questions at the same time to keep calm, stability and the patient’s impatience, do a good job, explain and convince the right there is need for medical treatment, according to the order maintenance of outpatient service order. In addition, the nurse is responsible for maintaining a clean environment in the clinic.

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