What points should be paid attention to in daily use and maintenance of the experimental platform?

  Experiment platform is in need is a platform, so we in order to prolong the life time of the laboratory bench, in the maintenance of the test bench is in use process of a very important link, because when we are in the use of improper words is damaged, it is easy to make test bench so we need to correct maintenance was carried out on the test bench. So, what are the points we need to maintain in the process of daily use? Below, follow xiaobian together to understand it!
  1, do not use sharp sharp hard objects to row the table.
  2, do not make the table in the temperature of more than 135 degrees Celsius environment for a long time.
  3, do not expose the experimental platform to open fire, molten metal and sparks for a long time or in direct sunlight, nor can it be used to cut the surface.
  4, it is best to use warm water, acetone and mild detergent to clean the table, of course, you can also choose to wash your hands or wash your dishes, do not choose those containing abrasives, strong acid detergent, in order to avoid damage to the surface. For stubborn stains, hypochlorous acid can be dropped on the surface of the corrosion resistant physical and chemical board for clean washing.

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