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  As hospital furniture in the market and the types of medical furniture is increasing, and guide the staff will give you to inculcate a lot of thought, and the buyer may not professional, head of which will lead to buy in there are a lot of misunderstanding, below small make up with traps to share with you!
  1. Too much emphasis on low prices
  In price and value, cost above are closely linked together. Because the price is too low, then in the office furniture will be low cost, poor quality and other characteristics, so in the appearance and design are relatively poor. As experienced purchasers all know, there will be hidden dangers when you buy products with too low price, which will lead to many problems after purchase. But for most companies, a difference of 10-20% in total is not a big deal at all.
  2. Simply choose products without paying attention to brands
  Many experienced shopping guides or salesmen will instill some ideas to customers, such as: which brands do we have the same style with, their profits are higher and advertising costs are higher, and our same things will be cheaper than theirs. In fact, compared with the miscellaneous brands on the market, the price of big brands is not high in the promotion cost, but in the strict control of raw materials, the control of production technology, the huge quality inspection team, buying brands is mainly to buy at ease, many small factories are holding a profit is a sum of money, no longer cooperate in the future. Big brands pay more attention to long-term customer maintenance and market reputation, so they have a stronger motivation to do good product quality.
  3, do not pay attention to service and after-sales
  Many people think that office furniture is durable goods, as long as there is no problem when buying, there will be no problem in the back. In fact, the after-sales service of this office furniture is often not only for the reasons of product quality, but also for the after-sales service that may be generated in transportation, installation, office environment, adjustment of placement and artificial use. Some small brands, the durability of product accessories is not enough, the factory after-sales cooperation is slow, agents lack of professional and efficient service team, these factors, often bring customers a lot of trouble.
  4, buy fast delivery products, buy spot
  Many customers do not consider the production cycle of this product first, and then go to buy it after the office is almost decorated, so that they have missed the good opportunity to buy products with fast delivery or buy spot goods. The final product you buy will be much less effective than you expect.

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