What are the manufacturers of medical treatment cabinets

Currently on the market for treatment of the counter factory many, many kinds, with wood, easy deformation and corrosion, durable, all steel is better but the price high, so how to choose a suitable for their own professional office supplies, below small make up to introduce a both economical and professional naisuanjian corrosion, beautiful and easy durability of a product:

Surface use PB plastic plate, solid core board cabinet put oneself in another’s position HDPP corrosion resistant plate, the cupboard door is made of polymer plate plate, a variety of color optional, stainless steel handle PP handle optional, whole modelling perfect collocation, beautiful generous, naisuanjian corrosion, waterproof moisture-proof, wear light deformation, do not always convenient, various kinds of office furniture is ideal for hospital, laboratory, A necessary product for the treatment room.

Laminate: 1.2mm thick high-quality plate is base material mechanism forming, with different height of the hole, can be customized according to the actual need to adjust the use of height;

Because choose high grade board to be base material, after cabinet body is formed, will never be twisted be out of shape, the surface of cabinet body after finishing is smooth, high temperature heat melts welding is formed, mesa and cabinet body can weigh the gravity of 500KG, firm and firm, durable, and be helpful for pipeline and electric wire installation and maintenance.

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