What qualities are required to qualify a nurse’s station?

  So how can we ensure the quality of the nurse station in accordance with the provisions?
  1, first of all to green environmental protection
  The main criteria for selecting a nursing station is that it must be green. In fact, green furniture includes several levels, such as the use of raw materials to save energy, low consumption, clean energy including, very easy to acquire and reuse.
  2. Versatility is next
  The nurse station should meet the requirements of the function and develop the design scheme according to the function. For example, the stool of stomatology department required by dental hospital is different from the needs of other stools. The chair design should have certain lighting effect, and the position of car headrest should be adjusted in multiple directions.
  Third, the need for humanization
  The nurse station must also meet the requirements of humanization. The first step of humanization is to carry out ergonomics. The design scheme should be humanized and conducive to the application of patients, such as changing the corners into arcs, and also needs to design the guardrail, which is conducive to the patients. Hospital furniture must be designed to be firm, sturdy and unshaken.
  The humanization of nurse station must meet the application requirements of doctors and patients.In fact, the humanization requirements of nurses’ stations also include the humanization of colors.
  4, more in line with the basic principles of ergonomics
  The nurse station must be strong in structure, ergonomic, simple and atmospheric in shape design, simple and elegant in color, and most importantly, high in safety factor.

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