What are the main materials of medical furniture?

Any industrial product design is the process of selecting reasonable materials and planning how to transform them into products. The birth of a cross-era product benefits from the application of new materials, so materials are the material carrier and foundation of industrial product design.

Medical furniture not only has a wide variety of materials, but also presents the characteristics of the combination of various materials. At present, medical furniture mainly uses the following materials:

1, wood

Solid wood is the most primitive furniture material, furniture began to use. Based on the advantages and disadvantages, application scenarios and functions of wood, currently all solid wood medical furniture is mainly medicine cabinet of Chinese medicine prescription, wooden chair, high-grade ward or sanatorium, and other wooden medical furniture is mainly used in combination with wood-based panel and other materials, such as wood-based panel furniture, wood-based plastic furniture, and interior frame of sofa.

2, wood-based panel

Wood-based panels have become the main surface decoration and structural materials of medical furniture. They are made of wood or other non-wood plant fibers, separated into various unit materials through certain mechanical or chemical processing, and then heated and pressurized with or without adhesive. Wood-based panels mainly include plywood, particleboard, fiberboard, hollow board, joinery board, integrated wood, laminated veneer and so on.

3, veneer material

Because most of the wood-based panel surface does not have the natural texture of wood, even if it does, some of the texture is not beautiful or cheap tree texture, so it must use a variety of veneer and edge sealing materials to do the surface and edge sealing treatment, in order to play a decorative and protective role. Decorative veneer material is also called veneer material. And the solid board that the surface uses facing material, call act the role of face plate, weigh stick face plate again.

4, stone

Stone material divides natural stone material and man-made stone material. Artificial stone is widely used in medical furniture. Artificial stone is actually a kind of “polymer material polymer”, with non-toxic, radioactive, flame retardant, non-stick oil, non-seepage, anti-bacterial mildew, wear resistance, impact resistance, easy maintenance, seamless splice, modeling and so on. According to the different binder, can be divided into organic artificial stone and inorganic artificial stone two kinds. According to the different production process, it can be divided into polyester artificial stone, composite artificial stone, silicate artificial stone, sintered artificial stone 4 types. Among the 4 kinds of artificial stone decoration materials, organic (polyester) is the most commonly used, and its physical and chemical properties are the best, so polyester artificial stone, also known as resin artificial stone, is used in medical furniture.

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