What are the advantages of solid wood office furniture collage?

What are the advantages of solid wood office furniture collage?

1, because the core board is made of small anisotropic wood, the surface of the plate is uneven and warpage degree is small, and the upper and lower surface is covered with thin wood thick veneer, can better eliminate the uneven warpage of the plate, cracking deformation phenomenon, and can improve the physical strength of the plate in all directions.

2. The overall sense of texture and color is very good, and the texture is more prominent after painting. The whole set of furniture produced can create a harmonious and high-grade sense of value.

3. After the solid wood panel is painted, the surface does not have the uneven phenomenon of glue joints and slats, and the physical properties are relatively stable in the long-term use process.

4, high utilization rate of wood, in line with the principle of ecological utilization of raw materials. So be in use and grain colour and lustre respect, solid wood is put together adornment board suits furniture more use and adornment function.

5, although the amount of sheet solid wood puzzle glue than solid wood puzzle, but due to the double coated surface protection of thick veneer, and quadrilateral thick veneer edge banding only two sides actually eight glue line, so solid wood puzzle in adhesive glue line through volatile chemicals is far lower than solid wood puzzle wide and solid wood line, the amount of volatile, greener and healthier.

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