Machine room special metal wall panel (color steel plate) structure

Production room dedicated metal steel surface fire retardant anti-static shielding wall panel was designed by skeleton and surface after researchers carefully designed combination, keel frame is adopted by the advanced system, make room fire prevention wall plate surface has a fine, smooth, smooth, uniform, clean, bright beautiful, no dust, beautiful and easy, easy to clean and easy maintenance, etc. Computer room fireproof wallboard surface layer is the use of high anti-embroidery paint as the background, so that the whole wallboard has a charming tone atmosphere and modern fashion.

Room dedicated equipment room antistatic wallboard is thickness of 0.6 mm from the surface of the lacquer that bake rust hot galvanized steel sheet of the lacquer that bake or Taiwan plate, refined into by wall lined with 12 mm thick plaster decorative sheet, plate surface using automatic high-pressure electrostatic ultra-high speed rotating mist spraying technology on coating process, the surface film thickness uniformity and strictly greater than 20 microns, It can ensure that the surface of the anti-static wall board of the machine room is smooth and flat, no dust, no color difference, electric fire prevention, heat insulation, sound insulation, magnetic disturbance resistance, acid and alkali corrosion resistance, oxidation resistance and impact resistance, so that the shielding wall board of the machine room is much better than the general steel surface wall board of the same machine room. In addition, the room block wall in structure adopts unique design side U, as between the adjacent room acoustic detachable panel provides professional for fasteners and fixed connection process provides a favorable safeguard, beautiful and fashionable appearance due to provide the layering seal line gap junctions are fixed, so as to realize the perfect seamless connect between the phase room wall effect. Second, computer room electrical isolation of the face plate of the steel also is worth to look forward to, room itself contains anti-static wall surface coating resistant conductive material adequately, realized the control of wall conduction coefficient value can be regulatory, can completely effective dissipation of electrostatic, high-tech technology to control the surface resistance value 5 of 10 square to 10 8 ohm range, The charge attenuation time is less than 1 second, which ensures the anti-static performance of the metal wall panel in the machine room and provides a safe and reliable barrier for the users of the shielded wall panel in the machine room.

Make room dedicated wallboard is domestic advanced electrostatic spraying process of the lacquer that bake, room steel paint for hardening of the surface plate of the multivariate manufactured polyester paint, make synthetic room fire prevention wall plate has a smooth surface, uniform and smooth, neat and beautiful, delicate, no dust, beautiful and easy, and prevent the many advantages, such as electric fire and made the room wall maintenance simple and easy, The metal wall board of the machine room greatly ensures the cleanliness of the machine room and the special requirements of the machine room such as anti-static and fire prevention. Similarly, the machine room special wallboard of the positive Angle parts, negative Angle parts and skirting board and other spare parts also adopt the same processing coating molding process, so that the whole machine room is closely linked together, to achieve the sound insulation detachable wallboard safe and reliable use requirements.

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