What are the differences between custom medical office furniture and civilian home?

  Everybody knows, go up in furniture market now, no matter be civil furniture or hospital office furniture, bespoke also will become a kind of tide more. Although they all belong to furniture, because of the particularity of medical office furniture, there will be differences in the customization of these two kinds of furniture. Let’s take a look at it with medical furniture manufacturers.
  Distinction one: custom household furniture supplies, the content that needs to consider is relatively less
  Need to consider to live in the environment to decorate a situation only commonly, and the basic function of furniture can. After all, household furniture products are only used for a few family members, so the functional respect is relatively onefold and the design difficulty is lesser. However, office furniture products in hospital offices have more users and more comprehensive functions. Generally, a single piece of furniture will have multiple functions, so it will inevitably increase the difficulty of its design.
  Hospital office furniture
  Distinction 2: household furniture is basically in making process with beautiful, practical give priority to
  The content that needs to consider so has the problem such as the quality of furniture, appearance only. However, hospital office furniture is different. In addition to the aesthetics and practicability of the furniture, it is also necessary to consider the applicability of office furniture from the perspective of the hospital environment, as well as the function of each area of the hospital.
  Distinction 3: household furniture product is the characteristic that reflects a family only
  But hospital office furniture reflects the overall characteristics of a hospital, so there are relatively more content to consider, and the difficulty of design and production are much more complex.

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