Briefly explain the safety design of medical furniture

  Medical furniture in the use of the process, pay attention to the practical safety, which is also the fundamental design. Its safety is mainly reflected in green environmental protection, and green environmental protection is the primary standard of medical furniture procurement. Requirements of the plate used to achieve green environmental protection requirements, in use can not release harmful substances to the human body.
  In addition, due to the particularity of medical patients, all furniture in public areas are designed with rounded corners to create a safe medical environment.
  The safety design of medical furniture reflects its safety from three aspects: stability, robustness and structural safety.
  Stability: from the width of the bottom of the furniture, shaking degree of judgment, if the wider, about not shaking, then the furniture can be smooth.
  Solid: judging from the thickness of the furniture structure, if the structure is thin, then the furniture is easy to damage.
  Safety: judging from the processing degree of the corner of the furniture structural modeling, if the furniture has a sharp corner or the human body can pass, the head can not pass the vacancy, so, it is not safe; The structure should be tight, no cracks, no head screws, with mortise and groove construction, so that there is safety.

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