What are the advantages of fluorocarbon aluminum veneer compared with traditional coatings?

  Fluorocarbon aluminum veneer has gradually become one of the most active building decoration materials. In many buildings, people like to use fluorocarbon aluminum veneer for decoration. Why are people keen on fluorocarbon aluminum veneer for building decoration? Fluorocarbon aluminum veneer in the manufacture of the use of high-quality aluminum alloy panel substrate, bending through numerical control technology, in the use of time can ensure that fluorocarbon aluminum veneer is maintained in the flat state of no deformation, when the installation and use can have better pressure resistance, most do external wall veneer use.
  Compared with traditional coatings, fluorocarbon aluminum veneer has the following advantages:
  1, fluorocarbon aluminum veneer has excellent weather resistance. Due to the difference in the architectural environment of the coating, the performance of the coating sprayed is also different, the range of pure color is relatively wide, and the light error is relatively small. Generally speaking, the fluorocarbon aluminum veneer can meet the color difference for a long time after spraying.
  2, fluorocarbon aluminum veneer is a good self-cleaning ability. Ordinary exterior wall cleaning is very time-consuming, fluorocarbon aluminum veneer has water resistance and long time use can still ensure a new state, the coating on the aluminum veneer has a certain self-cleaning ability, can avoid a lot of cleaning time.
  3, fluorocarbon coating has excellent decorative performance. Fluorocarbon coating applied to the exterior wall can be made into a variety of effects, there are ordinary solid color, matte, metal effect, imitation curtain wall effect.
  4, fluorocarbon exterior wall coating has sand resistance, corrosion resistance. In seaside, desert, chemical gas corrosion (acid, alkali) environment, fluorocarbon exterior wall coating has excellent performance.
  5, external wall fluorocarbon paint matching the corresponding alkali resistant primer, paint, have good mechanical properties. Not only good adhesion, impact resistance, high hardness (scratch resistance), but also window wash resistance.
  6. The cost of fluorocarbon aluminum veneer curtain wall is lower than that of glass curtain wall. There is no photochemical pollution.

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