Wallboard environmental protection? Wallboard maintenance notes

  Wallboard green environmental protection, heat insulation, simple installation, convenient cleaning and other characteristics, is considered to be coating and wallpaper alternative products, its service life is generally in 15-20 years or so, if well maintained, with 30 years is not a problem. The following is to introduce the wallboard environmental protection and wallboard maintenance matters needing attention.
  Is the clapboard environmentally friendly
  Wallboard environmental protection non-toxic, no harm to the human body, if the paint is more allergic to people, choose wallboard is very appropriate. Choose clapboard can avoid the use of medium density board, particleboard, plywood, reduce the use of wood, thereby reducing the destruction of the forest. So clapboard is a kind of environmental protection wall decoration material.
  Precautions for maintenance of clapboard
  1, pay attention to light
  Attention should be paid to anti light, if there is sun irradiation, to close the curtain, to prevent ultraviolet radiation, because long-term exposure will be the clapboard discoloration, aging, affect the service life of the clapboard, so when the sun is full, to close the curtain.
  2, pay attention to waterproof
  Usually to do a good job of waterproof work, although the wallboard has waterproof, moisture-proof effect, but a lot of long-term water, to a certain extent will also affect the use of life of the wallboard, causing irreparable losses.
  Installation method of clapboard
  1, to measure the wall first, according to the size to cut the length of the plate, according to the size of the wall panel to calculate the number of integer blocks needed, the extra space with the wall panel panel can be completed.
  2, fixed, drilling, according to the hole spacing in the wall hole, with expansion screws or steel nails to hook the baseboard fixed on the wall.
  3, the installation of the top corner line, you can use glue paste, high humidity in the area of two skirting line combined, must set aside appropriate expansion joints, especially in the corner of the furniture, expansion joints should be more considered.
  4. Insert the wallboard from left to right into the skirting line, and install expansion screws or steel nails 1.5cm away from the upper mouth of the wallboard, and pay attention to the screw can not expose the wallboard surface. Waist line groove is coated with special glue, inserted into the concave and convex surface after a few minutes, corner must be 45° diagonal.
  5. Install rubber anti-collision strips on the clamping mouth of the retaining board, ensure that the left and right sealing strips are inserted at both ends of the retaining board, and then cover the panel with aluminum alloy, and the installation is completed.
  6, after the completion of the installation, the corner edge should be coated with special glue, has been stuck to the top corner, mainly to increase the fastness of the wall panel, increase its service life.

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