How to maintain indoor clapboard indoor clapboard modeling what

  How to maintain indoor clapboard
  1, to remove dust often, you can use clean soft cotton cloth, dust can be soaked after screwing dry cotton cloth, which can reduce friction, avoid scratching the surface, but also reduce electrostatic adsorption of dust, is conducive to clear the dust on the surface of the clapboard.
  2, to carry out regular waxing maintenance, increase the appearance of beauty. However, do not choose the glazing agent containing silicone, because this silicone will not only soften and destroy the coating, but also clog wood pores, causing difficulties to repair.
  What are the indoor clapboard models
  1. Strip shape
  Strip interior clapboard is the most widely used, strip can stretch the indoor vertical height, so that the indoor height looks higher, from the color point of view, it is recommended to choose light gray material, so as to better foil, highlight the main furniture.
  2, square shapea
  Square indoor wallboard is more suitable for small family space, the decorative effect is more simple sense than wallpaper, more fashionable.
  3, flat type
  Flat-panel interior clapboard and modern simplicity are perfect partners.
  How to install indoor wainscoting
  1, wall leveling, dust cleaning, waterproof coating.
  2. Snap the line, check the embedded parts, install the keel and bind the panel.
  3, in the Yin and Yang Angle fixed wood layering or decorative line, to 45° seam;
  4, in the wall panel reserved space lighting or power supply and other household equipment.

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