Bank Beautiful Wood Grain Laminating Metal Composite Panel Wallboard

Coated metal composite panel products are metal composite panel (fireproof aluminum plate, aluminum honeycomb panel) base degreasing treatment and imported environmental protection wood grain decorative film perfect hot pressing composite molding of a new type of high-grade wall panel material, widely used in business office buildings, banking system. Let’s take a look!

Bank beautiful wood grain laminating metal composite panel wallboard

The new bank office comprehensive project has strict requirements on internal decoration materials, and the decoration effect of traditional decoration materials cannot meet the needs of modern commercial office for decoration differentiation, fashion personalized and characteristic. The use of Gubaoli ® coated metal composite board materials reflects the original characteristics of the building, in the space scale because of the unity of materials, it is more modern atmosphere, fashion sense is also more in line with the aesthetic requirements of modern office.

Features of coated metal composite board

1, the advantages of fire performance

Traditional decorative materials have a very big hidden danger, is the problem of fire prevention, this kind of traditional materials are flammable, is harmful in fire fighting, there are a lot of fires are caused by decorative materials. Coated metal composite board, it has a certain flame retardant, self-extinguishing, so good flame retardant performance, can avoid the spread of the fire, will not produce toxic smoke, less harm to the human body. It has reached a certain level of fire protection.

2, ornamental advantages

Traditional decorative materials are hardly ornamental. Most of them are painted to add some color, which has poor decorative effect and certain pollution. Coated metal composite plate color rich, selective, color can reach thousands of, rich color, light stability, color difference is also very small, and can imitate a variety of materials, such as metal stone and so on.

3, strong environmental performance

Traditional interior decoration materials are polluting, containing formaldehyde and benzene and other toxic substances, the harm to the human body is there. Coated metal composite board does not contain this problem, in line with the current environmental requirements.

Installation system, modular installation in order to adapt to a variety of decoration needs, coated metal composite plate can be folded out of arc type and spherical and other complex geometric shapes, showing a unique visual effect, to achieve a systematic, modular, simple and fast installation of indoor wall panel. Rich color, natural texture coated metal composite board is a colorful decorative material, more than 340 conventional colors, a total of more than 900 colors, including wood grain, stone grain, leather grain, pure color and other natural texture.

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