Wall panels and green building docking

  Green building design concept can include the following aspects:
  Energy saving source: make full use of solar energy, adopt energy-saving building envelope and heating and air conditioning, reduce the use of heating and air conditioning. An air cooling system based on the principle of natural ventilation enables the building to effectively take advantage of the dominant wind direction in summer. The building adopts a plan form and general layout adapted to local climatic conditions. Resource conservation: Rational use and disposal of resources are considered in architectural design, construction and selection of building materials. Reduce the use of resources and strive to make them renewable. Water conservation, including green water conservation.
  Return to nature: the exterior of green building should emphasize the integration with the surrounding environment, harmony, static and static complementary, so as to protect the natural ecological environment, the main raw material of anti-beite plate is kraft paper, zero formaldehyde release, is a kind of natural material.
  Comfortable and healthy living environment: no harmful building materials and decoration materials are used inside the building. The indoor air is fresh, the temperature and humidity are appropriate, so that the residents feel good, physical and mental health.
  The construction characteristics of green buildings include: clear requirements for the geographical conditions of the building, no toxic and harmful substances in the soil, appropriate ground temperature, pure groundwater, moderate geomagnetic.

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