Treatment room treatment cabinet design features

Treatment room treatment cabinet design features

In a broad sense, medical furniture can be used in any area of medical care used in any premises, provided that specific operational and sanitary requirements are met; In a narrow sense, medical furniture is a general term for all kinds of furniture that provide operation, storage and transportation for medical staff in medical institutions, as well as seats and bedding facilities for patients. However, whether in a broad sense or in a narrow sense, there are many kinds of medical furniture.

Along with the reform of medical system, hospital building style is distinctive, around in the hospital environment is a blend of humanities characteristics, as well as the historical evolution in hospital, helped the medical furniture customization and personalization, hospital furniture covered appearance, function, mechanical and physical and chemical sex value, compared with the ordinary furniture, medical furniture It has very strict requirements in safety, function and humanization, etc., and needs to “walk heart” in innovative design. From every detail of medical furniture, patients and medical staff can feel comfortable, warm and practical. On the premise of ensuring the function of furniture, “humanization” is the primary standard of medical furniture. The following are examples:

Treatment cabinet medical furniture design features

Comfortable environment is very important for patients, treatment cabinet is an important tool for the treatment of patients in each ward, decontamination zone must be done well. It is better to adopt pedal-type automatic device for garbage sorting cabinet without manual operation, which makes it convenient for medical staff to operate, helps to avoid cross infection in hospital, and also makes patients and their families rest at ease.

Our company has the specialized design, functional, human nature as the primary criterion, treatment on the neat rows, spacing and wide application accord with human body engineering, cabinet put oneself in another’s mesa design are corrosion resistance, waterproof, moisture-proof material, paint for the environmental protection coating, the overall color sweet, clean and tidy, let a person look at uncomfortable in my heart.

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