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Treatment room, treatment room, dressing room, catering room, cleaning room, etc

Hospital treatment cabinet has double open lift door or sliding door, according to different uses of the design of the inner horizontal and vertical partition, convenient for medical staff according to the need to access all kinds of surgical experiment series supplies, the inner design is simple and reasonable. According to the needs of customers, we can produce various shapes and sizes of medical instrument cabinets in line with the requirements of clean operating rooms, mainly including instrument cabinets, drawer medicine cabinets, drawer instruments cabinets, slide cabinets, slice cabinets, wax cabinets, cool tablets cabinets, intensive medicine cabinets, asepsis cabinets, disinfection cabinets, injection cabinets, door shoes cabinets, locker, western medicine cabinets, etc. In the premise of ensuring beautiful and practical maximum to meet all the needs of customers; Reasonable layout and the configuration of various types of cabinets can not only avoid the error rate of drug access but also help to improve work efficiency.

1. Design concept

The hospital is mostly staffed by female medical staff. Considering that medical operations require frequent bending over to pick up drugs or instruments, the height of the treatment room and disposal room is designed according to the average height of Chinese women to reduce the fatigue of medical workers. Besides washing basin and common treatment cabinet, the treatment room is designed with a combination lock for narcotic drugs, which is more safe. In the wash basin design glass baffle, prevent water splash, affect the use, at the same time in the cabinet layer board can be adjusted, convenient to use, double layer door plate is durable, the drawer built-in medicine can be classified storage and access more convenient.

2. Safety design

A good piece of medical furniture must be stable, strong and not shake. Compared with healthy people, hospital patients need a safe and stable environment. The bottom of all the designs are wide and smooth. Steel class furniture need to use a large number of artificial stone, marble, quartz stone countertops, such as therapy, treatment room, dressing room area, every day there are a lot of the deployment of drug use and the processing of medical waste, especially some special concentration of corrosive strong, drug residue can cause infiltration of stone material, joint crack mouth and a series of problems, Due to its specific physical properties, there will be a lot of dust during maintenance, causing serious secondary pollution.

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