nurse’s station | consultation desk

Characteristics of medical furniture product design

Lobby reception desk, consultation desk, nurse’s station

The guiding work includes consultation, accompanying, sending, communication and coordination, assisting in rescuing critically ill patients, providing boiled water, distributing disposable cups, conducting examinations for patients with mobility difficulties and inpatients, providing free wheelchairs, flat carts, distributing various newspapers, health education materials and department profiles; Leading examining table is a convenient service measures such as needle, scissors, and all these things are small, but is ready to provide great convenience for patients, making patients feel the warmth of home general, a large extent, anxious mood, which increases the favor and trust of hospital, do not will affect the evaluation of hospital patients, and thus the overall service image of destruction of the hospital. The guide desk and reception desk are the facade of the hospital, an important part of the whole medical space, and represent the overall service of the hospital.

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