Tonal application of hospital furniture

  Color is often the first impression of a hospital in the eyes of patients.
  On the whole, the color is too bright and bright, easy to cause discomfort in patients, not easy to comfort patients; And color slant cold is given priority to, can give a person the feeling of rigor cold, aggravate the psychological pressure of the patient.
  If from the details to grasp, worthy of attention to the place is too numerous to enumerate. However, many hospital furniture design even if the attention to color, or there will be a lot of problems. The cause is often the coordination of color and shape out of the pool, the two are complementary to each other, influence each other. Focusing only on one is still a bad visual experience. This is bad for the patient’s mood and bad for the tension between doctor and patient.
  Simple colors are easier to soothe patients’ emotions, and it is often the most important to make furniture go to the hospital. Bring warm experience to patients, eliminate tension furniture color occupies an important position.

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