How should endowment furniture choose and buy?

  In old age, the body’s ability to coordinate declines. Accordingly, in furniture form design, should avoid the abstract modelling that uses contemporary youth place to prefer. Should apply a few to do not have sharp horn, sleek form more, in order to reduce knock against, abrade wait beyond the occurrence of the circumstance, give old people on psychology with sense of security. Today xiaobian and everyone to talk about pension home county should be how to buy.
  1, the skills of buying a table
  The table that old people uses, unfavorable already exorbitant, also cannot too low. High desks tend to cause muscle fatigue, scoliosis, vision loss and so on in the elderly. Long-term sedentary elderly, but also because of cervical labial hyperplasia, cervical hypertrophy and other diseases. Too low table can make old people feel writing unwell, shoulder fatigue, bosom frowsty, sit difficultily.
  2. Skills of buying chairs and stools
  The chair that old people uses, bench, had better take back of a chair, in order to hold human body spinal column, maintain systemic muscle to exert oneself to balance, reduce overworked.
  Of chair stool depend backplane and width of chair face also want moderate, because blood circularly is blocked after sitting for a long time otherwise, and make sufficient ministry temperature drops, adverse to health.
  3, the skills of sofa purchase
  The seat when the sofa of old people of choose and buy cannot be too low, unfavorable also choose too soft, sit to go down and can feel difficulty when standing otherwise. Old people with lumbago should buy pillows to feel comfortable and help eliminate fatigue.

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