The color of the nurses’ station is an important element in the decoration design

  We all know that hospital nurse every working relationship with each patient’s life safety, need concentration, source to face every day, a good environment and visual nurse station can effectively alleviate the mood of nurses and patients, psychologists have shown that color psychological effect can be a direct impact on people’s physiology, as a result, The color of the nurses’ station is an important element in the decoration design.
  For example, in the red environment, people can associate with fire and the sun, people feel warm and hot, people’s pulse will speed up, blood pressure has increased, emotional excitement impulse, brain wave response is alert; Being in blue, which is associated with water and ice, makes you feel cool and cold, your pulse rate slows, your mood is calmer, and your brain waves respond with relaxation. Large area of white is easy to make people feel tired, saturation is too high, too bright color is easy to make people agitated, not conducive to physical and mental relaxation, so the nurse station color with soft, stable, clean color scheme is appropriate.
  Soft color scheme with more white, no high contrast, soft colors, more cool colors compared to women’s color scheme. Light purple, light red, light yellow, light blue this kind of soft, gentle colors not only show lovely, charming personality, but also show gentle and generous bearing, application in the nurse station is often very ideal.
  More cool color such as light green, light blue was tie-in in stable match color scheme, in any environment that is full of pressure, the match color of light blue is designed, can give a person the feeling that sets his mind at, because it looks honest, direct. Flaxen gives a person anacreontic, happy effect, weak green gives a person natural, healthy, kind feeling, still can alleviate eye ministry fatigue appropriately make a person is relaxed. This color scheme is a great way to create a calm, peaceful atmosphere.
  Clean the color scheme is made up of blue is given priority to cool color to move, dark blue or light blue color combination, produce the effect of peaceful, clean, clean, can effectively eliminate intense sentiment, can send out the breath of peace and quiet, make a obstetric nurses clear, comfortable, at the same time blue gives a person the sense of professional, rest assured, also make it easier for staff to get the trust of the mothers and their families.

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