How to judge the quality of aluminum veneer?

  Any enterprise managers are clearly aware that only in the raw materials of the product strict control, in order to produce high-quality products. Aluminum veneer is made of aluminum alloy as raw materials, so if you want to produce excellent quality aluminum veneer products, you must first choose the raw materials of aluminum veneer. So how to judge the quality of aluminum veneer material?
  Guangzhou Junba building materials aluminum veneer manufacturer for you to explain, you can judge the quality of aluminum veneer material through the following methods:
  A, see
  Through the observation and hand touch of the surface of the aluminum veneer material.
  1. The words on the surface of genuine aluminum veneer materials are generally printed with imported inkjet code. The handwriting is clear, and the trademark identification, manufacturer, address and even telephone are generally marked clear and true; The words on the surface of fake and shoddy aluminum veneer materials are printed by ordinary printing machines, with vague handwriting, and their manufacturers and logos are generally unknown or not marked.
  2, the genuine aluminum veneer material is made of high quality raw materials, its process precision is high, the surface and inner layer feel smooth, smooth without miscellaneous spots; And inferior and shoddy aluminum model pipe product because jerry-built relatively poor.
  3. The wall thickness of the genuine aluminum-plastic pipe mouth and aluminum strip is uniform, and the aluminum veneer material is closely combined. The quality and thickness of the pipe and aluminum strip can meet the relevant national standards; The wall thickness deviation of shoddy products is large, the aluminum is thinner, and the gap between the aluminum veneer materials is large.
  Second, the burned
  Use an open flame to ignite the tubing. The real aluminum-plastic pipe is made of ultrasonic lap welding or butt welding mainly by hydrogen arc welding. The interface is quite close, and the aluminum sheet will not fall off after the open fire ignite the pipe. And fake and shoddy aluminum plastic pipe and other combined pipe because of the aluminum sheet is not welded, the interface is not close, the aluminum sheet will fall off after lighting.
  Third, cut
  The aluminum veneer material is cut into strip shape according to the spiral shape by tube scissors, and the aluminum veneer material layer and PE layer are peeled by hand. The real aluminum plastic tube is a 5-layer composite structure, and the aluminum layer and PE layer are closely bonded, and the aluminum veneer material layer and PE layer are not easy to be separated by hand. And shoddy products because of jerry-built, its aluminum layer and PE layer is not close, easy to peel off.
  Small pressure pump was used to test the pressure resistance of aluminum veneer. The blasting pressure of real aluminum plastic pipe is high, which can generally meet or exceed the requirements of relevant national specifications. However, the pressure in the blasting of shoddy products is generally low or even low, which is difficult to meet the requirements of use.
  Generally speaking, after judging by the above four methods, basically can judge the quality of aluminum veneer material.

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