The Applicability of Steel Locker in Ward

The applicability of steel locker in ward one: the thickness of steel plate and folding process

In view of the hospital was used filing cabinet, office of steel furniture such as ark, test bench, the survey found steel furniture brand products of steel raw materials quality, generally between 0.8 mm to 1.2 mm steel plate thickness, thickness of steel plate directly reflects the furniture properties such as strength, impact resistance and durability, the thicker the thickness of the steel plate, relative strength index, the better.

The steel plate flanging process is also related to the thickness of the steel plate. Based on the current mature process level, the larger the thickness of the steel plate, the sharper the edge is not easy to produce. At the same time, the processing level of steel furniture manufacturers is different, and the edge of furniture steel plate of some manufacturers does not do edge folding, especially in the handover area of different materials of furniture, it is easy to expose the sharp edge of steel plate.

The applicability of steel lockers in wards two: the design of locks

Eccentric tongue lock is widely used in the locks of steel filing cabinets and office cabinets. The locks are simple in form, convenient to reserve the inner cavity of the cabinet door, but with few points of force and low strength. They are not suitable for ward lockers that are frequently used. Using the heaven and earth connecting rod lock can solve this problem, but there are also problems of increasing the space reserved for the cabinet door and increasing the cost.

The applicability of steel storage cabinets in ward three: the problem of single color selection

Medical staff’s impression of steel furniture is still in the initial stage of cold single color appearance such as gray and blue. With the maturity of furniture spraying and laminating technology, the color selection range of steel furniture is more and more wide, and the warm color application such as bright color, warm color and wood grain color is also more and more, which has been widely used in various areas of hospitals.

The applicability of steel lockers in wards four: expenditure channels and the timing of intervention in advance

According to the current hospital infrastructure and material procurement management system, steel furniture belongs to the expenditure channel of start-up funds, and its procurement work is generally later than the completion of the project. However, because of the cross interface between it and infrastructure reservation work, it is necessary to intervene in advance and break the experience of the original system and process provisions. It is required that the design, procurement, sample, production and other work of steel storage cabinets should be started in advance, which should be started after the completion of the main structure of the project, and the preparation of relevant plans, budget declaration, scheme design, proofing and other work should be synchronized.

The applicability of steel storage cabinets in wards five: the matching degree and cost of the reserved space module of civil construction

The biggest advantage of traditional wood or panel furniture is that it can be cut and processed manually on site to meet various reserved space scales of civil construction, while steel furniture is limited by processing machinery, technology and mold costs and so on, it is difficult to meet the personalized requirements of existing space. With the maturity of technology and the shortening of the cost gap, as long as the modular space is well controlled in the early design stage, the modular standard design of furniture is selected, and the two are synchronized to match, the cost advantage of steel furniture will become more and more prominent.

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