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The facilities need to be configured in the construction of stomatological hospital or home has a general guide table, nurse table, waiting chair (sofa), registration fee window cabinet, pharmacy furniture, medical record intensive rack, dressing room side cabinet in the ward, etc. There are also dental professional characteristics of the dental clinic medical side cabinet, dental clinic disinfection room side cabinet, oral health education classroom wash table, etc..

Here is the focus on the dental clinic medical side cabinet.

Medical furniture case of stomatological College — medical side cabinet of dental clinic

(1) Definition of medical side cabinet Dental clinic medical side cabinet, commonly known as “oral side table”, refers to in the oral diagnosis and treatment work, around the oral comprehensive treatment table, used to place oral commonly used instruments, materials, tools, convenient operation of doctors and assistants. In the past, people did not pay enough attention to the oral side table. With the progress of the industry, the development of oral profession and the gradual refinement of oral tool boxes and instruments, the importance of the oral side table has become increasingly prominent. The use of oral side table can reduce the disorder caused by the scattered placement of various instruments, so that the placement of equipment and instruments is human-centered, so as to fully reflect the best efficiency of all kinds of equipment, prevent doctors from making diagnosis and treatment in the forced position, not only reduce the fatigue of medical care and improve the quality of medical treatment and work efficiency.

(2) Concept of design and layout of medical side cabinet The function of oral side table should be oriented to clinical needs, with a writing position for medical records, a computer operation position, a hand washing position, a waste recycling box, an instrument cabinet, a mobile vehicle, a telescopic operating table, etc. The design and material selection of the oral side table should fully consider the medical environment and nosocomial infection control. The surface of the table is smooth and bright, easy to clean, anti-bacterial breeding, anti-osmotic coloring, with the best water edge. The cabinet should be made of fire-proof board or all steel structure. The quality of the hardware is critical. Drawer height and drawer put aside dish design should place requirement and dimension size according to article, design the place space of different specification, ensure the classification when placing is orderly, access is convenient.

(iii) The functions of medical side cabinet mainly include: orderly storage of instruments, materials and tools required for oral diagnosis and treatment, which can be easily and quickly accessed by medical staff in the process of diagnosis and treatment; Meet the requirements of hand-washing and clinical water fetching by medical staff; Sorting medical instruments by the chair; Optimize the clinic environment; Facilitate medical cooperation.

(4) Classification of medical side cabinets Dental side table is mainly divided into physician side table and assistant side table according to the use. The comprehensive oral treatment table is placed in the center of the clinic. The working range of stomatologists is usually from 8 to 12.

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