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From the perspective of the development path of rehabilitation hospitals, there are no more than the following categories:

One is the rehabilitation center developed from the rehabilitation department of a large general hospital. Such institutions mainly treat the cured patients of the hospital, which is of great help to the disciplinary development of the hospital. The medical equipment and medical resources of such rehabilitation centers depend on central hospitals.

The second is rehabilitation hospitals set up according to the distribution of regional medical centers (including medical and health cities). By setting up rehabilitation hospitals in areas with relatively concentrated medical resources, the comprehensive medical level of the region can be improved, the medical structure of the region can be improved, and the influence of the region can be enhanced.

Third, social rehabilitation centers are set up according to the special needs of regional diseases. This kind of rehabilitation center is targeted and has certain specialty characteristics. The rehabilitation population it targets has the characteristics of high mobility.

Fourth, specialized or comprehensive rehabilitation centers set up by large medical and health institutions, such as the rehabilitation center for the elderly with integrated health care, sports medicine or trauma based disability rehabilitation center, and rehabilitation centers for rehabilitation and hearing in the medical center integrating eye, ear, throat and nose.

Different medical modes determine the different construction modes of rehabilitation hospitals from traditional general hospitals. Different types of rehabilitation hospitals have different construction modes.

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