Still struggling to pick out medical furniture? A few moves easily solved

  Many hospital purchasers are worried about how to choose good medical furniture, so today we will talk about it. When choosing medical furniture, we can easily choose satisfactory medical furniture. If you have other tips, welcome to comment and share.
  1. When viewing the furniture, observe whether there are scratches, degumming, uneven edge sealing and other appearance problems that can be found. If the medical furniture purchased is solid wood, check for smooth texture.
  2. Furniture should be placed reasonably and should not occupy too much space, because there will be a lot of trouble in the follow-up work. It is best for furniture to occupy about 50% of the interior space. Data should be accurately measured before purchase, and the purchased furniture can be highly matched with the original furniture.
  3. Good furniture quality is the most important thing, such as the precision of the plate, whether the sealing edge is smooth, whether it meets the environmental protection standards, the stability of the furniture, whether the drawer is flexible, and the small details should not be let go. Careful, I believe you can definitely choose a satisfactory medical furniture.

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