Steel filing cabinet | Wooden filing cabinet

According to the material can be divided into two kinds:

1. Steel filing cabinets.

Steel filing cabinets are the most popular. The steel filing cabinet is green and easy to haul over long distances. It mainly stores long-term files and data.

2. Wooden filing cabinets.

It looks very upscale on the outside. It is mainly configured behind the big desk of the boss and manager.


I. File cabinet materials:

File cabinet with what kind of base material, choose what kind of material, is the key to the quality of file cabinet, but also the determining factor of price difference, consumers in the selection of file cabinet, must be marked with what base material manufacturers.

File cabinets in the market are mainly based on particleboard, MDF, stamen board and log. Particleboard, medium fiber board and big core board 3 kinds, the raw material that the manufacturer chooses, craft is different, its quality, price has big difference, latter can differ 3 to 5 times.

Particleboard has homebred, import cent, more have moistureproof and not moistureproof cent. MDF has low, medium and high density points, waterproof and not waterproof, imported and domestic points. Moistureproof, waterproof base material is imported goods, quality is stable and reliable, it is the material of consumer’s first choice. When ordering, the client must make clear its base material, producing area, characteristic. Manufacturers should be asked to provide small samples for checking during acceptance.

Two, file cabinet appearance:

The exterior treatment of all filing cabinets on the market can be divided into four categories: double-sided melamine, single-sided fire-proof board, log and spray paint. The first three vary little in workmanship, quality and cost, while the fourth varies greatly. The kind that paints with respect to its has dozens of kinds, the uneven wait for source, price, craft, consumer is most easily deceived. Therefore, when choosing spray paint cabinet, we must ask what paint manufacturers use, what technology, and then observe its paint flatness, cleanliness, thickness, brightness, fullness, hardness in the inverse strong light.

Iii. After-sales service and quotation of manufacturers

“You get what you pay for” is an eternal truth. The price of a brand product is determined by its quality and guaranteed by after-sale service. All fake, shoddy, low-price products manufacturers, never dare to provide after-sales service guarantee. After-sales service terms are the embodiment of manufacturers’ confidence in their products, and also an important standard to test their quality.

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