Treatment tank | Hospital Cabinets

The treatment cabinet is generally used in hospitals, clinics, experimental institutions and other areas. Hospital treatment cabinets are also called medical cabinets, medical storage cabinets, medical cabinets, etc. Among them, there are hanging treatment cabinets and vertical treatment cabinets. Species. The material is made of steel, wood, glass, etc. The medical treatment cabinet is customized for use by hospital staff. Hospital furniture features: Made of high-quality electrolytic steel plate or wooden board, embedded for easy fixing and resistance to cleaning. Convenient for equipment management, cleanliness, suitable for various medical functions, and meet cleanliness standards.

Medical carts are a crucial component of effective patient care. Designed for mobility and organization, carts enable facility staff to organize and transport everything from a few items for specific procedures to a variety of supplies and medications to computers and printers.

Facilities can’t function without suitable storage options. Keeping files and supplies organized promotes more effective and efficient operations. In hospitals, patients also need a spot to keep their belongings. IGOLDENOF offers a range of freestanding, mobile, modular supply cabinets as well express cabinets that feature casters so they can be used as mobile units or stationary cabinets with a built-in look.

Shandong iGolden Furniture Co., Ltd. was established in 2012 in Jinan City, Shandong Province which is one of the biggest professional manufacturers of furniture and board. Such as hospital furniture, bank furniture various customized office furniture,Aluminum honeycomb panel and compact laminate board. iGOLDENOF is a large-scale manufacturing enterprise integrating design, development, production and sales. In past ten years, IGOLDENOF has insisted on open-mindedness, solidarity, mutual assistance, hardworking, pragmatic and humble entrepreneurial spirit and the pursuit of excellence who has been highly recognized and appraised by customers from all over the world.

iGoldenof has professional furniture R&D and design teams. With their continuous research and development, upgrading and improvement of products, iGOLDENOF has become the designated supplier of many hospitals, nursing homes, rehabilitation centers and other medical institutions, banks, financial centers and other financial outlets.

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