treatment room | Cabinet in treatment room

Now many medical points and hospitals need treatment cabinets, treatment cabinets can play a lot of roles, not only can put drugs and medical supplies, when necessary, but also can move, now the hospital’s choice of medical cabinets is also a variety of styles, so how should a good treatment cabinet be designed more reasonable? Let’s look at the specific introduction:

1. It should be easy to clean

Now a lot of hospital treatment tank is in the use of the time indoors, and also less mobile, whether fixed or mobile, at the time of design should be designed to better clean, at the time of infusion and selection drop have dust can also be very good to clean, so it can reduce a lot of health care workers worry and effort.

2. Increase the storage box with large capacity

Treatment tank at the time of use will be a lot of drugs on the above, a chaotic situation in order to avoid drugs, should increase the corresponding large capacity storage box, to be able to distinguish all kinds of drugs is very good, this will make treatment of indoor look is orderly, also won’t appear problems in the work, there will be no drug chaotic situation.

3, the color should be mild

Indoor tank treatment on color design should pay attention to use soft colors, so you can give patients a way to alleviate the tense feeling in my heart, is usually white or pale green, or is the combination of two kinds of color, can be ligneous material, may also be of the light steel type, whether can very good maintenance, and very sturdy.

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