Selection and arrangement of hospital treatment rooms

  Treatment cabinets are generally used in hospitals, outpatient clinics, experimental institutions and other areas, hospital treatment cabinets are also known as medical cabinets, medical storage cabinets, medical cabinets and so on. Medical personnel are the main users of hospital ark, should adhere to the central idea of the text, design indoor light is light and soft, better indoor ventilation, ground stroke prevention, fully considering the habit and the average height of Chinese people, for professional design, at the same time to give a person the sense with a stable.
  Hospital treatment cabinet has double open lift door or sliding door, according to different uses of the design of the inner horizontal and vertical partition, convenient for medical staff according to the need to access all kinds of surgical experiment series supplies, the inner design is simple and reasonable. According to the needs of customers to produce in line with the requirements of clean operating room of various shapes and sizes of medical equipment cabinet, mainly including equipment cabinet, drawer medicine cabinet, drawer instrument cabinet, slide cabinet, slice cabinet, wax cabinet. Cool piece cabinet, intaensive medicine cabinet, aseptic cabinet, fumigating cabinet, disinfection cabinet, injection cabinet, door shoe cabinet, locker, western medicine cabinet and so on.
  Hospital treatment cabinet design should meet the different needs of each department, to facilitate evacuation and clean and clear, can use blue, green and other colors, so as to help patients with anxiety when seeking medical treatment. In addition, the design of cabinet body should have no dead Angle, not easy accumulate scale, and faucet is induction type, hand dryer had better with wipe toilet paper advisable. For medical staff to create a box of clean quality, warm and comfortable working environment, so that doctors and patients get both physical and psychological care.

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