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Medical furniture is a very important part of hospital soft decoration design. It is not only functional and practical, but also plays a role in creating environmental atmosphere, relieving patients’ emotions and improving hospital space quality. Creating a professional, humanized and family-oriented diagnosis and treatment environment that can not only improve the work efficiency of medical staff, but also take care of the needs of patients and their families will become the trend of the development of medical space in the future. So compared with the traditional medical space, what does the new “high matching” medical furniture need to do? Green environmental protection is the primary standard for medical furniture design and procurement. The expert expresses, all plank that place of strict requirement hospital furniture uses achieves the regulation index of green environmental protection, in use, cannot release harmful gas and material to human body, also should achieve environmental protection requirement in production and recovery respect.

Anyhow, the material that interior decorates place chooses should accord with “save energy, low consumption, low pollution, easy recovery and reuse” characteristic. Medical furniture is mainly used by medical staff, patients and their families, etc. Due to the large flow of people, furniture is more prone to wear and tear. Therefore, the wear resistance and durability of hospital furniture have become important criteria for design and procurement. In addition, it must have the characteristics of laboratory furniture, acid and alkali resistance, corrosion resistance and moisture resistance. For example, medical storage cabinets and medical device cabinets must be moisture-proof, anti-cross infection and have strong wear resistance. The handles of medical dispensing cabinets must be rust-proof. Medical artificial stone basin needs to prevent acid and alkali strong, with good heat resistance, pollution resistance, corrosion resistance and wear resistance. In a word, hospital furniture fittings must be rust-proof, anti-corrosion, corrosion resistance, acid and alkali resistance and other properties.

In addition, there are some special requirements in the medicine cabinet, such as some special controlled drugs or special drugs, and the need to maintain a certain temperature or humidity. Hospital furniture should not only meet the functional requirements, but also pay attention to the humanized design concept. The first step of humanization is to carry out ergonomics, and the shape should be simple and generous, which can be more convenient for patients to use, such as changing edges and corners to rounded corners, designing handrails for patients to walk, etc., so as to be stable, strong and unshaken.

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