Rationality of Furniture Design and Customization in Hospital Disposal Room

Rationality of furniture design and customization in hospital disposal room

Whether the customized design of disposal room is reasonable directly affects the work quality of medical staff. The storage space of the disposal room should be spacious and bright, ventilated and dry, clean and hygienic, and must be moisture-proof, corrosion resistant, resistant, delicate and durable. In addition, the design of the furniture needs humanization and convenient use.

Hospital is a place for treatment, and the moving control of hospital is an important place to ensure medical safety and people’s health and safety. The hospital disposal room is a place for the treatment and nursing of patients, as well as the storage of medical waste and medical items. Therefore, the rational layout of the treatment cabinet, the storage and management of items, and the classification and recycling of medical waste all affect the health and safety of the whole ward.

The three main colors of the hospital treatment room furniture can be customized with low purity light colors, which can be coordinated with the overall color of the hospital. Hospital furniture tonal can calculate the rich color and saturation of color collocation, the colour of this can quickly be children’s awareness, in order to transfer the attention of children, can be appropriate to increase the use of warm color attune, build a warmth and a sense of security, ease tension and fear when children in hospital, for the medical staff at the same time also to have certain mediation emotional role.

In fact, psychologically speaking, people are more repelled to go to the hospital, not afraid of going, but because of the thick environment of hospital furniture design, people will produce a sense of depression. Under normal circumstances, such as nurses’ stations, treatment cabinets and other hospital furniture are mainly white and blue, plus the lighting is not very good, especially in rainy weather, will appear very heavy. Although health is the most important thing in a hospital, a good medical environment is also very important.

Although we advocate to protect the environment every day, environmental pollution is still often ignored by us. In particular, hospitals, as a public place, noise needs to be strictly controlled. Studies show that when the noise reaches 45-50dB, patients’ emotions are extremely unstable and will cause physical discomfort. Therefore, the hospital indoor environmental noise must be controlled below 40dB. Therefore, for the hospital treatment cabinet customization, we should choose materials with better noise cancellation effect. To help hospitals create a better medical environment.

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