Prefabricated Decoration of Hospital Buildings

Prefabricated decoration of hospital buildings

Currently, hospital buildings can achieve modular assembly of envelope structure, and also can partially integrate electromechanical, pipeline and functional medical areas are mainly single space or small area space. Many of these Spaces are functional rooms with fixed size, high degree of standardization, standard system design, basic equipment configuration requirements and very clear functions (such as operating room, laminar flow ward, outpatient clinic, etc.). With the continuous improvement of assembly decoration technology and products, assembly decoration mode will be the mainstream form in the field of architectural decoration in the future.

Upgrade prefabricated construction development direction should pay attention to enhance the level of standards, strengthen the consciousness of the long-term development, moderately improve the quality standards for safety, performance, quality, energy conservation, environmental protection and construction technical index requirements, such as service life of prefabricated construction technical direction and features with five aspects: including the whole building, all life, all together, the full link, the whole process.

In the “whole building” direction. Prefabricated buildings should ensure the long-term quality of a complete building product and advocate full decoration. The integrated design and construction of the inner installation system should be carried out with the structural system, the peripheral protection system, the equipment and the pipeline system. The integrated parts of industrial production should be adopted and the prefabricated decoration should be advocated.

The implementation of assembly decoration needs to go through a series of steps, including system modular combination, decoration process design, prefabricated parts, pipeline embedded and mechanical and electrical construction, and also need to cooperate with the terminal carrying functional facilities and equipment, and finally in the site to achieve the combined assembly decoration effect.

The appearance of assembly decoration mode is a major reform of decoration mode, which is conducive to saving resources and energy, reducing construction pollution, improving labor production efficiency and quality and safety level; It will help promote the deep integration of the construction industry with it application and industrialization, foster new industries and new drivers of growth, and help cut overcapacity.

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