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  All of us have done business in a bank at some point or another, but may never have noticed what is different about the specific home used by the bank around us.
  Take this table for example, this is the non-cash counter of Agricultural Bank of China, which uses the exclusive white + green color of Agricultural Bank, so that you can recognize him at a glance. This table may not be furniture connoisseurs really have no way to know his professional name – bank non-cash counter. You can only call him loosely: a bank desk
  Let’s take a closer look at what basic elements he has:
  1. Independent workstation with screen partition: this is to let customers do not affect each other when dealing with business. It can not only prevent each other from seeing each other’s private information, but also soundproof, isn’t it very practical?
  2. Side cabinets with many boxes: Compared with the first sight, we know that the bank staff need to store many bills, seals and other things. If there is not enough classified storage space, their work efficiency will be greatly reduced.
  3. L-shaped table: the desk used by the bank needs to put a lot of data files, but also need to place computers, printers and other office auxiliary equipment on the desktop, so the work space requirements are relatively high.

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