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If there is an old family, there is a treasure. With the aging of society, the health and safety of the elderly has been paid more and more attention. In order to facilitate family arrangements for the elderly with mobility difficulties, the appearance of the functional nursing bed for the elderly who need to stay in bed for a long time in the body position adjustment, reading, dining, communication and other aspects of the disabled elderly feel more comfortable and convenient, but also greatly reduce the burden of nursing staff. However, there are thousands of domestic nursing bed manufacturers, how to choose a suitable for the elderly physical condition and family conditions of the nursing bed?

1, safe and stable

The users of nursing beds are the people who are immobile and bedridden for a long time, which puts forward higher requirements for the safety and stability of beds. Users must check the registration certificate and production license of the product in the Food and Drug Administration to ensure the safety of the use of nursing beds.

2, practical

Suitable for the old function nursing bed has electric and manual points, manual suitable for the old function nursing bed is suitable for the elderly short-term nursing needs, electric suitable for the old function nursing bed is suitable for long-term bed, mobility inconvenience of the elderly.

3, with lifting function and power device

It is convenient for the elderly to get on and off bed and reduce nursing intensity.

4, folding

The suitable old nursing bed with folding function is divided into single function two fold, double function three fold, three function four fold, suitable for fracture convalescence of the elderly and the rehabilitation of the elderly in bed for a long time nursing, but also can meet the needs of the elderly such as sleep, entertainment.

5, mobile

Suitable for the old function nursing bed should have mobile function, facilitate the elderly to bask in the sun and observe outdoor, mobile function suitable for the old nursing bed can achieve all-round nursing, reduce the nursing intensity of the nurse, also can be converted into a rescue bed at any time.

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