Nurse station | nurse table

Nurse station, called the nurse table, also called the nurse’s desk or desk. It is the big front desk that you see directly after entering the outpatient door of the hospital. Represents the image and grade of a hospital or medical institution, to achieve the concept of a kind and elegant. In the national Standard “Nomenclature of General Medical Service Places in Medical Institutions”, nurses’ stations (triage tables and guidance tables) are clearly defined and defined.

Nurse stations are marketed by various names:

For example, nurse’s station, nurse’s station bar, nurse’s desk, hospital nurse’s station, guidance desk, guidance desk, etc., can be classified into a series in hospital furniture project, which all belong to the medical furniture products of hospital service desk and nurse’s workstation.

Functions of the nurse station:

The nurse’s office includes handling medical orders, managing patients, receiving patients and their families.

Nursing station facilities:

Wall clock, telephone, nurse desk, chair, inpatient list, prompt board, message board, office supply cabinet, portable emergency light, call system, hand sanitation facilities.

Nurse station specific requirements: None at present.

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