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People-oriented medical furniture design can not only consider the basic functions of users, but also arouse people’s happiness, which is conducive to the treatment and rehabilitation of patients, the health and efficiency of doctors, and improve the brand effect of hospitals and other medical institutions and the competitiveness of manufacturing industry.



Design and production of medical furniture:

Considering from the perspective of hospital space users, based on the medical characteristics of technical specialty, ergonomics and color psychology, and focusing on the harmonious unity of color, shape, raw materials and versatility, the medical furniture with versatility, comfort and design sense is designed and conceived. The design concept of “going to hospital” is that people’s physiological and psychological feelings in the hospital space are very important. The design concept of color, shape and scale of furniture should achieve the effect of relieving patients’ tension and anxiety, and relieving the highly tense working rhythm and intensity of medical workers. In the public space of the hospital, it is advisable to use the microfiber material with bright color and easy to take care of. In some VIP waiting consultation area and VIP clinic, it is advisable to choose the soft cloth with diversified design styles. In terms of the color of the furniture, the color of pediatric, gynecological and other medical Spaces is definitely different. Ob/GYN should be green or blue because the patients are all women. Pediatrics should prefer outdoor colors because children live a lively life and play outside. The choice of furniture materials should not only consider wear resistance, durability and comfort, but also consider cleanliness and easy care, in line with the requirements of hospital sense control. Wait for indoor furniture as far as possible do not use metal materials, should choose PU foam material mat, it does not need the cold touch of metal materials, and has a certain wear resistance, for the hospital environment of sense control, also can yet be regarded as a good method.

The sofa cloth used in medical space should have the characteristics of convenient cleaning and anti-pollution. Microfiber leather sofa is often used in hospital design. It has wear-resisting, breathable and aging resistance, soft and comfortable, beautiful appearance and relatively restrained. With the continuous expansion of the operation scale of hospital buildings, the number of beds is increasing, and the room space will not be reduced accordingly. Therefore, in the limited space of the ward, multi-functional furniture, such as multi-functional chairs or sofas, are needed, which can be used as chairs or sofas during the day and beds at night for accompanying family members to rest. Therefore, the future of the design of the hospital should consider four factors, architecture, landscape, interior, furniture has organized arrangement design, make the design flow process clear, plenty of natural light can give a person with sweet feeling of the environment, warm color department conversion design makes the hospital harmonious unification, is permeated with happiness place to recuperate.

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