Notes for Purchasing Medical Office Furniture

Medical office furniture purchase notes one

Attach too much importance to low price value and price, cost is generally closely linked together. The furniture with price too low general cost is low, quality is poor, its general appearance and program are poorer, also do not speak of what civilization value. Experienced acquisition all know that there are many unforeseen hidden dangers when buying products with too low prices, leading to many problems and regrets after purchase. For most companies, a difference of 10-20% in total is not a big deal.

Medical office furniture purchase notes two

Buy famous brand to calculate fault commonly, but buy quantity is big, want to be able to do, famous brand furniture (especially entrance furniture) compare with general homebred high grade furniture, still be expensive give many, little 50-100%, more 200-300%. For the brand of brand-name furniture to carry out the cost, is still to pay quite a lot of real money; Besides, how good the brand is after all, it is only good in the details of differences between some professionals. In fact, strictly speaking, brand is not equal to planning, brand enterprises have good planners, does not mean that every planner is excellent, does not mean that every case has excellent planning. The author is a professional planner, often see brand enterprises inferior planning, and even against the basic principle of planning, color use fault and other common sense fault, spending more money is not equal to good planning.

Medical office furniture purchase notes three

Too much attention to enterprise planning planning can only clarify the production capacity, and can not clarify the quality of good, high planning level, in a sense, planning and personalized, civilized value is still opposite. Italian furniture is famous all over the world, but the planning of Italian furniture enterprise is not big, a lot of famous enterprises want dozens of people only, but what Italian furniture is famous is planning, not planning.

Medical office furniture purchase notes four

Buy fast delivery products, buy spot many customers lack of experience, did not consider the production cycle of high-grade products, to the office fast decoration completion, to buy, has missed the opportunity, as long as the second best, buy fast delivery products, buy spot. Such products are generally low-grade products, lack of personalized and civilized value, or even of poor quality, and generally cannot meet the needs of high-level customers.

After understanding, we can know that before we purchase office furniture, we must understand the detailed information clearly, so as to better purchase. This will not be confused when purchasing, more will not be a problem. That is to say, they can buy proper office furniture.

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