Hospital Treatment Cabinet | Hospital Furniture

  1, professional factory production workshop, there is no hospital treatment cabinet in the customized site brought by all the problems.
  2, the use of equipment: electronic cutting saw, paint room and so on, the production level of furniture greatly improved, the accuracy and accuracy of products have also been greatly improved; Automatic edge sealing machine, each type, wood do edge sealing,  to reduce the release of harmful gas.
  3. The boards used are density board, particleboard, solid wood, artificial stone, steel plate and so on.
  4, the combination of labor and machinery, the use of large electronic cutting saw, automatic edge sealing machine, greatly improve the productivity of products, save workers’ processing time, greatly reduce the cost of single product.
  5. The environmental protection performance of the medical treatment cabinet is different from that of the finished furniture. The four sides of the wooden plate used by most of the customized furniture are treated with edge sealing. Secondly, the general custom furniture brands on the market use plates, are some mainstream brands and international brands in the market, once encountered problems, the source can be checked.
  6. Individuation is the field in which customized hospital treatment cabinet is good at. The emergence of customized furniture is to meet the more personalized needs of customers.

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