Medical office furniture | Hospital furniture customization

  Medical office furniture can be divided into four categories, including plate medical office furniture, tree furniture, solid wood medical office furniture and metal glass furniture. Board The materials of medical office furniture are generally artificial boards, including fiberboard and particleboard, which are particularly prone to damp and mildew. In rainy and humid weather, use a soft dry cloth to wipe condensation on the water mist, and keep the room ventilated. If the results are still not ideal, charcoal can also be used to absorb moisture in the room.
  Every year to the rainy season, the rain will gradually increase around the air humidity is also increased, medical office furniture damp mildew problem began to highlight. How to make medical office furniture mildew-proof, is a very annoying problem.
  The moistureproof property of solid wood medical office furniture is better than board medical office furniture, but its maintenance can not be taken lightly. The maintenance point of solid wood medical office furniture is to maintain luster. On weekdays, apply special medical office furniture cleaner evenly on the surface of the furniture, and then wipe it gently, which can ensure moisture isolation. For colored paint medical office furniture, it is necessary to avoid direct sunlight. Real wood furniture is porous, weather is damp, all kinds of insect in the home can rise more, want regular cleaning so. If the paint of the medical office furniture falls off, it needs to be repainted during cleaning.
  Although many components of metal medical office furniture use stainless steel materials, but do not wipe with water, otherwise part of the minerals in the water is easy to react with the metal to make it corroded, usually wipe away dust gently with a dry cloth. Glass plate is to prevent scratch, so it is best to add soft cloth pad or foam when placing things above.

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